Which tree protector will you choose for your plants?

Tree protectors are a major necessity for many gardeners and without them, there would be no garden due to a myriad of pests.

They help care for established plants and trees and well as brand new ones.

There can be many reasons to need to care for your trees and shrubs, more so when the plants are young and quite small.

In my own case, young plants needed help from frost, rabbits, dogs, and the lawnmower.

All new seedlings, plugs, and plants needed immediate help as we have experienced very early and very late severe frosts here. I favor the frosted plastic tree guard for the plants in the house garden.

Tree protector ideas

A professional tree service can offer a much more elegant solution as you can see here in a major local city park.

Rabbits can also be a problem for me here so when I plant outside the house garden I use a commercial one. Although these can be more expensive they can be worth the effort as it’s not cheap buying plants and it’s such a shame to know they will not survive without the extra effort.

When there are a lot of trees to be planted the local Landcare reforestation groups here use recycled milk cartons. I must say that it really is an interesting sight to see thousands of milk cartons trailing up over hills, along creek beds, and beside landfall areas.

I was fortunate enough to have quite a few metal plant guards left here by the previous owners so I have used them with great success for tomatoes over the summer months.

Recycled Tree Protector Ideas

These days most people and especially avid gardeners are keen to recycle when possible. These are some useful and handy innovative ideas I have found.

  • Some people use plastic strips, they circle the plastic strips around the wooden stakes which allows quite a bit of light and air to circulate that way.
  • I have also heard of some people using aluminized building paper for plant guards. That would be an interesting option for the frost areas I think.
  • Some people use chicken wire, which is great for a more secure and longer-term tree guard.

The important thing to remember there will always be a solution to your problem with pest control, try and find one that is ecological and sustainable for your gardening needs.

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