4 FREE Designs to use when Planning a Vegetable Garden

Planning a vegetable garden is so easy to do when you are building a Raised Bed Gardening – No Dig Garden If you use that method then each design here is guaranteed to be easy to follow and easy to do.

When you are planning a vegetable garden layout you really do need to know which plants prefer to be near each other to enhance their growth. I have done that for you with these raised garden bed designs – you have it all for FREE.

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Planning a Vegetable Garden using Companion Planting

This is The Family Vegetable Garden.

The Family Vegetable Garden

I designed and built this specific garden as the demonstration garden for my Raised Garden Bed – No Dig Garden ebook.

I used Companion Planting principles for all of my designs.

I call this particular garden The Red Garden

The Red Garden A

When it’s in full bloom you have a sea of red, green and deep purple.

Have a look at the larger plan, this is also vegetable companion planted.

This is The Curved Garden.

The Curved Garden Full

This vegetable garden layout is ideal for any of the curved spaces you may have in your garden.

This particular garden becomes covered with various shades and textures of green.

This vegetable garden design is fantastic for The Circular Garden.

The Circular Garden A

In the planning stage it can be difficult to know what plants to use for unusual shape garden beds.

All of my designs are researched and created by me and are companion planted.

These vegetable garden layouts have been designed and drawn by me for your ease of use. You can view each online garden design on screen or print them off.

My hope is that they will be useful designs for:

* Smaller spaces

* Beside an internal driveway

* Along a fenceline

* In between buildings e.g. sheds and fence or house.

I have designed for those of us who live in the suburbs, have small spaces to work with and want to do things differently.

Share photos and stories of your vegetable garden

Share your vegetable gardening story.

** What types of vegetables do you grow?

** What is your growing zone?

** What tips do you have to share with the rest of us?

** Do you only garden a few months of the year or all year round?

** Ever won any prizes for your vegetables?

** Share a funny story or photo about your vegetable garden adventures

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