How to Grow Pumpkins

Learning how to grow pumpkins for Halloween can be such an amazing experience. It only takes a little bit of planning and some space in your garden.

This is a fantastic way to get the children involved in gardening and for the family to spend time on a project that will take a few months to reach completion.

garden seed

Pumpkin is grown from garden seed

When you start cleaning out a pumpkin you will see quite a few seeds in the center along with what they call ‘pulp’. You can save each seed and use them at a later time when you are ready to plant.


You can see pumpkin seed resting here in their hands. They are quite large and easy to handle. Different types of pumpkin have different colors and size seeds.

young pumpkin

This is a lovely photo of a young pumpkin just after it has started to sprout

Just plant the seed about one inch under the soil. Don’t press the soil down too hard on top of the seed as it needs to be able to break through into the sunlight once it sprouts.

Lightly water the area where you planted the seeds – not too much or with too much force as you may dislodge the seed.

Pumpkins are happy to be in the sun all day.

They just love having enough space to sprawl about the garden so make sure you have given them enough room.

If they get in the way of other parts of your garden you can prune them or redirect them by just gently picking up one of the vines and placing it in the direction you want it to grow.

pumpkin garden seeds

Sometimes people place these pumpkin garden seeds direct into the soil and other times they place them into small growing pots then replant once they get to about this size.

Growing in the pots is a good idea if you live in a frost area as it will give the new plant a better chance to survive. How to grow pumpkins can change depending on your climate.

pumpkin growing

After a while, the pumpkin will develop not only large leaves but also what they call ‘tendrils’. These are the small twisty pieces you can see in the photo at the end of the leaf.

These tendrils can wind around fences, sheds, corn, stakes in the ground, and any other items you have nearby. You can watch them do this or even place objects in their way and watch as they climb all over it as the days and weeks go by.

pumpkin patches

Eventually, you will start to see masses of large yellow flowers as seen here in the photo. Make sure you don’t touch or break any of these as they are the very start of a brand new pumpkin.

It can be great fun to watch the flowers progress into such massive pumpkins.

Why not take some photos to keep track of the progress and teach others how to grow pumpkins.

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