How do plants grow?

Many people wanting to start their own garden ask the question ‘how do plants grow’? Well, it’s pretty simple really, plants need to have the right environment to grow and that can vary depending on the species, climate, light, water, wind, frost, heat, sunlight, darkness and the list goes on and on.

Basically plants should and will grow well if they are given the environment best suited to their own needs – you just need to find out what they are and provide them to achieve healthy plants.

One of the best things to learn is how to actually plant seeds and seedlings as that will really help the plants grow well.

I always place straw over the top of my raised garden beds as where I live it’s hot in summer and this mulch helps to keep the soil moist and cool. People often get confused as to how to actually plant into the straw and you can see how easy it is from these photos I have taken.

How do plants grow made easy

The important thing to remember about planting a seedling is that you actually plant into the straw, not the soil. Most people I have spoken to are surprised by this, as they think it is necessary to plant into the soil. Make sure it is a deep planting, BUT only into the straw.

Create a hollow in the straw all the way from the surface to the base of the straw layer. (The hollow should be the same depth as the straw layer).

Take the seedling in your hand and try to get as much of the original seedling soil mix as possible. (I had some spare seedling mix so I wrapped that around the existing soil).

covering the roots

Gently place the seedling into the hollow making sure you have it safely resting there. Remember don’t plant it into the soil layer, plant above that, the roots should be just touching the bottom of the straw layer and the top of the soil layer.

Gently pull the straw around the base of the seedling and make sure you have it securely in place.

settling plant

Firmly secure the seedling now, as this is the last time you will need touch it make sure it is in deep enough.

Making sure you have planted your seedlings well is certainly a great start to how plants grow strong and healthy.


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