No Dig Garden

What is a No Dig Garden?

It is just as it says, it’s a garden that doesn’t require any digging at all, none, not even the slightest amount.

The idea is that you introduce all of the compost, soil, mulch, etc directly onto the surface.

You can grow over any surface at all


Barron Soil






Old Decking

Water Soaked Soil

Old Tennis Court


Poor Quality Soil


Frozen Soil


  • Create your own soil for the plants so you know how healthy it really is. Healthy soil equals healthy vegetables.”
  • Easily adjust the soil conditions to your optimal levels. No need for your plants to struggle with poorly compacted soil, bad drainage, cold soil, or drought conditions.
  • You will often gain a larger and healthier harvest with this style of garden as the plants have less disease, less garden pests such as snails and less weeds to compete with.
  • This is an excellent basis for your front yard garden design requirements or for planning a vegetable garden.
  • It is the ideal place to deposit all of your compost. If you don’t do composting at the moment you might like to start as this garden will love it.
  • You have not disturbed the topsoil at all, this means that the microbes still alive and able to assist the soil in your new garden.
  • Water and nutrients travel along the path made by plant roots. Your new garden has no compacted soil at all so the soil will be more able to access the rain and nutrients you place on it.

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is perfect for vegetables and flowers.

You can have them any shape imaginable, you can make them yourself or purchase a commercially designed kit, and I notice there are so many commercially available these days, and like most things, we are only limited by our imaginations.

The idea is to raise it above the actual soil level – this saves your back from heavy work, eases drainage problems, helps reduce pests such as snails, allows for a longer growing time and stops any soil compaction as you only walk around the outside

The sides can be made from…

  • Wood sides are easy
  • Metal can be useful
  • Bricks
  • Logs
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Old food tins
  • Plastic

What are the benefits?

  • They are great for small plots
  • You can plant closer together as you don’t have to make space for walking over the garden
  • plants grow much faster and larger in these gardens
  • soil temperature is warmer = a longer growing time
  • perfect to use with the square foot gardening method
  • helps reduce weeding
  • It is also easier to keep slugs and snails off the actual garden
  • It is easier to treat the soil with any mulch etc
  • certainly prevents soil compaction as you don’t walk over the garden
  • easier to monitor the soil conditions
  • You get much better drainage
  • A massive benefit for those of us living in drought conditions as I do.
  • You only have to water the actual garden itself, no water is wasted on the exterior

What are the benefits of Raised Bed Gardening for your health?

You don’t have to strain and stretch over the garden to tend it.

The design allows for easy reaching – never straining or heavy stretching

The garden is very compact and is a relatively maintenance-free garden.

4 FREE Designs to use when Planning a Vegetable Garden

Planning a vegetable garden is so easy to do when you are building a Raised Bed Gardening – No Dig Garden If you use that method then each design here is guaranteed to be easy to follow and easy to do.

When you are planning a vegetable garden layout you really do need to know which plants prefer to be near each other to enhance their growth. I have done that for you with these raised garden bed designs – you have it all for FREE.

HOW DO PLANTS GROW? Find out here

Planning a Vegetable Garden using Companion Planting

This is The Family Vegetable Garden.

The Family Vegetable Garden

I designed and built this specific garden as the demonstration garden for my Raised Garden Bed – No Dig Garden ebook.

I used Companion Planting principles for all of my designs.

I call this particular garden The Red Garden

The Red Garden A

When it’s in full bloom you have a sea of red, green and deep purple.

Have a look at the larger plan, this is also vegetable companion planted.

This is The Curved Garden.

The Curved Garden Full

This vegetable garden layout is ideal for any of the curved spaces you may have in your garden.

This particular garden becomes covered with various shades and textures of green.

This vegetable garden design is fantastic for The Circular Garden.

The Circular Garden A

In the planning stage it can be difficult to know what plants to use for unusual shape garden beds.

All of my designs are researched and created by me and are companion planted.

These vegetable garden layouts have been designed and drawn by me for your ease of use. You can view each online garden design on screen or print them off.

My hope is that they will be useful designs for:

* Smaller spaces

* Beside an internal driveway

* Along a fenceline

* In between buildings e.g. sheds and fence or house.

I have designed for those of us who live in the suburbs, have small spaces to work with and want to do things differently.

Share photos and stories of your vegetable garden

Share your vegetable gardening story.

** What types of vegetables do you grow?

** What is your growing zone?

** What tips do you have to share with the rest of us?

** Do you only garden a few months of the year or all year round?

** Ever won any prizes for your vegetables?

** Share a funny story or photo about your vegetable garden adventures