Wonderful Vegetable Garden


Layout of Garden

Layout of Garden

Gardening is my favorite hobby and whenever I get time I work in the garden.

In my house I have a small patch along the side of the front where I have grown a few selected vegetables such as tomato, beans, cauliflower, cabbage and eggplant.

Choose vegetables for your climate
I choose these vegetables because the climate and soil where I live are suitable for these vegetables.

I divided the small patch I had into different sections and planted each vegetable in their own rows. Since it was a small patch I had to plant the vegetables next to each other. I always buy quality seeds and buy them fresh every year.

Once the plants start growing I take utmost care by not only providing water but also checking on pests and controlling them in a natural way.

Herbs in Pots
I also wanted a small patch to grow herbs but since I don't have space I have planted herbs like basil, chives and parsley in pots.

Though mine is a small garden, I and my children feel very excited seeing the vegetables grow. I plant vegetables as per the season and do it throughout the year so the whole family gets fresh vegetables to eat.

The layout of my vegetable garden is very beauutiful and anyone who visits my place praises my garden.

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