Wollemi Pine Tree

On March 16th 2006 I paid for my first Wollemi Pine Tree. I had seen the Ad in the local paper for a few weeks ‘Remember to order your Wollemi Pine today’, so I finally called in to organise it all.

Much to my surprise, in fact I was more than surprised to find they had one there on show and had done since January this year. So I got to see one. Hard to believe I can now help be a protector of this rain forest endangered species.

What size pots do they come in?
I had a choice of a 10 inch or 6 inch pot. I was told the larger Wollemi Pine Tree was selling for approximately $120.00 and the 6 inch pot was about $65.00. I choose the smaller.

How large are the plants when you buy them?
The one in the 10 inch pot was about 4 years old I was told and was about one metre high (3 feet). They said it had a growth spurt over the summer and grew a further 10 inches.

I didn’t actually see the plants being sold in the 6 inch pots but was told they are about 2 years old and are about 2 feet tall.


Wollemi Pine Certificate of Authenticity

I was delighted to receive an official Certificate of Authenticity as shown here in the photo. My very own little Wollemi Pine is number 15505. This certificate comes in a certificate holder, all of the paper is recycled. There is also a small booklet which offers all sorts of very specific information for the care of these endangered plants.

They have details covering the:
* History
* Growth
* Re-potting/Planting
* Positioning
* Maintenance
* Foliage
* Cones
* Coppicing
* Polar caps
* FAQ section
* Photos and diagrams

I am told my plant should be available for pick up in a couple of weeks. Get ready folks as I have my camera all ready and will be posting heaps of photos to share with you.

I love the way they have presented the Certificate of Authenticity package as it makes it all so much more special. As one of the most endangered species of the world this plant deserves the best of treatment, which they are now getting.

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