Wine Barrel Planter

A wine barrel planter adds an air of dignity to a garden I always think, they just seem to ooze wisdom and age. It's that look of ole world charm that I love.

These are some of the photos I took on my travels in Cornwall in 2014 showing some different cuts and styles. There is no doubt the English have an amazing ability to showcase flowers better than any other place I have been to.

Where can you put your wine barrel planter?

  • They are fantastic  for most types of gardens

  • Balconies

  • Small back gardens

  • Verandas

  • Courtyards

There are various different types of cuts you can chose from

  1. The half cut is quite common and I mainly see that design

  2. The quarter cut is not as popular but does look exotic when plants cascade over the sides

  3. The three quarter cut is not as common from what I see. The advantage here though is you would not have to lean over so far when creating and tending the garden

  4. The whole barrel is rarely used for planting and mainly used as a water feature. It would take a fair amount of filling and if you are going to do that remember you do not have to have all of the barrel filled with soil. You can use old bricks, concrete etc to build up the height and then add the soil.

Preparing the wine barrel for plants

  • Some people actually paint the inside of the wine barrel with a bitumen paint as that makes it waterproof
  • Remember to place some drainage holes in the bottom for excess water

  • Its always a good idea to put some wheels under the barrel if you can manage it. This serves two purposes. It will help you to be able to drag it around to a different position and will also keep the drainage clear and prevent the base of the barrel rotting over time

I found this fascinating site where two young women have had great success planting vegetables this way.

They are very heavy

The barrels can become extremely heavy once full of dirt and can get upwards of 120 kilograms or 265 pounds which is something to seriously think about if you are placing it on a balcony or wooden verandah.

Ask if the supplier can also plant the garden for you

I have seen advertisements on the net where you can also get the supplier to come to your home and actually place the plants in the barrel for you. This would save time and if you are not sure how to plant successfully it might be something to consider. You could see how they are doing it and give it a try yourself for the next season.

These are an excellent use of reclaimed oak kegs and are very easily managed once set up. Remember to add plant food every  now and then so you can maintain a heathly garden.

You can plant flowers and or  vegetables, it is only limited by your own imagination.

Who knows, you may even sit by your own wine barrel planter and drink a glass of wine some time. Sounds good to me.

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