Why Snakes are not pests

by Chris Barnes
(Cape Town South Africa)

I live in sunny South Africa. We have a farm in the area of Gansbaai about 210km east of Cape Town.

Puff Adders and Rinkals
Our farm would appear to be a retreat for most snakes, puff adders abound in the area and spitting Rinkals similar to the cobra are seen a minimum of a dozen times during the summer season.

They are beautiful,black in color with a white band that shows on the neck when it stands up and shows it's hood off when surprised or feeling threatened.

Boomslang is a tree snake and although the poison is a very virulent hemotoxic type of venom, the snake itself is most reluctant to bite. There are very few deaths from bites from this species - not more than 6 in the last 70 years in the whole of Southern Africa.

If we are prepared to learn more about the animals around us and be more considerate toward them, we will find them to be of great interest and a special kind of beauty and appreciation will be developed.

The world is not all about mankind alone but about all things working together to find the balance between Love and Understanding, about Consideration, about putting ones self in the place of something or somebody outside of your understanding. In order to understand them better and in so doing to become a better person in yourself.

I am a most fortunate human being, for I have found so much to Love in Creation, being most appreciative of all that I see and come in contact with.

There is little in this world that I would willingly want to kill. I find myself in the body of that upon which I admire in it's uniqueness, in it's own creation and marvel at how different and wonderful each creature is, and it's endless, so my love for life becomes a journey with no end to it. I can enjoy every minute of it for the rest of my life and at the end of the journey, can say thank you I am fulfilled, my cup it overflows.

So next time you are afraid, try a little understanding and know this, they were there before you, and will be there when we have departed this Earth, so try it, Embrace the unknown, you may just fall in Love with the miracle we call life.

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Nov 29, 2011
Thank you for reading this article
by: Chris barnes

If you enjoyed this read see our web site www.petandreptilestore.co.za

We are Tangwyn farm a wild life rehabilitation centre based in the Overberg mountains near Gansbaai in the Cape South Africa

We also breed with Pythons and Boa Constictors and are active in catch and release of snakes active in this vacinity.

We have a weekly or 2nd weekly inserts of reptile care you can follow on our blog.= www.petandreptilestore.co.za/blog

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Thank you for your support and kind remarks

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