Veggie patch in the Land Down Under!

by Tracey
(Brisbane, Australia)

I am a vegetable garden "tragic" ! I am one of those species that wake with the sparrows and head off down to what I call my little slice of heaven to dig, pull, fertilize, rake, harvest or just plain old get down and dirty!

Ah ha I hear you agree, nodding and understanding that magical pull that our veggie patches have over us mere mortals. Addictive isn't it but in such a healthy way. Doesn't matter what corner of the world you call home, we all have that one thing in common. I live in Brisbane, Australia and it gets hot and humid because of our sub-tropical position on the map.

I have 6 raised garden beds where I like to practice the art of crop rotation. I term it an art because as you know not everything in the land of veggie patches goes to plan. Disasters are plenty sometimes being invaded by every pest and disease known to man! Harvests can be a bit on the thin side but the joy of just trying new things is what keeps it fresh.

My space is limited to 5 meters square and all my beds are surrounded by strips of old carpet that keeps the weeds to a minimum. Each bed is made from recycled fencing that my wonderful hubby put together and each is lined with a material called "biddum". This creates a barrier against weeds that would otherwise invade said patch.

I have two chooks that are stomachs on legs so when they decide to attack with stealth a bed that is prime for the picking, I am sometimes left with just stalks. Oh the joy of it all! Quite a sight to see a middle aged woman bolting hell for leather for the veggie patch, shrieking like a banshee and flailing her arms madly because the chooks are at it again! Has hubby and daughter doubled over in fits of laughter when i come back red in the face and mumbling like the demented!

So far I have had success with tomatoes, zucchini, beans, capcicum, spinach, beetroot and corn. I do not use any chemicals so I know that what I grow is as healthy as it gets. Some of the produce is chewed, yes, but I can overlook that. So to all my brothers and sisters of the land, I salute you. We are a wonderful breed who try to make the world just that little bit better.

The land of the veggie patch where you can see nature at its best, smell the sun and just escape the pressures that life throws our way. Life is not so bad after all and the chooks aren't really heartless feathered demons. When all is said and done we wouldn't have it any other way. Wouldn't you agree?

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