Use your local snake catcher

by Matt

it was my 17th birthday and we were having a barbeque party in the afternoon. I am dead terrified of snakes and my friends and family know it. As usual they were cracking their official jokes "there is a snake behind you" but this time I was prepared and refused to fall for it.

But after looking at their stupefied faces I realised they were not joking and when I turned I saw a rattle snake. I screamed the life out of me in pure shock.

Immediately my dad whose always been sensible and prudent call the local snake catcher who came and took the snake away. My dad always taught me that every living thing has the right to live and as long as you can do that in harmony there is no need for aggression and hate.

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May 24, 2011
Snake catcher
by: Robyn

Our snake catcher was a very very large young guy and we were his first clients.

He squeezed under the house and as he went he seriously said he was going in head first so we could grab his legs and drag him out in case of an emergency!!!!

My brother was with me at the time and had only just been diagnosed with a heart condition.

He looked at me and said 'there is no way I am going to drag that guy out'.

We were on tender hooks the whole time he was under the house and kept calling out to him making sure he was ok.

Finding our first dangerous snake was so un-nerving but also knowing we would have to maybe rescue the snake catcher really added to my stress levels that day :)

As it turns out he didn't find anything at all.

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