All types of snakes loose their habitat during floods

All different types of snakes get effected by flooding of creeks and rivers.

When this happens it is very common to find all kinds of snakes around your house and garden because the floodwaters have forced them to higher ground.

This happens in our major city, Melbourne. We often hear on the news for people to be very careful of snakes once the rains have caused the local suburban creeks and rivers to overflow. I can happen very quickly too.

Suddenly people in the suburbs have to deal with wild snakes as never before, normally they see them only on TV or a zoo. I guess locals don't realize the snake habitat is all around where they live, it's just they don't normally see them.

The Internet was inundated with searches for 'Katrina snakes". This was a direct result of the influx of snakes into people’s houses and yards in the effected areas. There were thousands of queries for this term after a few days.

It’s understandable to have a fear of snakes, more especially at a time when they in such a vulnerable situation - take care - they are not too happy at loosing their home.

Another thing to think about is your pets at times like these. You may find your dog or cat has suddenly encountered a snake and either may be about to attack. Try to keep that in mind as it can be a difficult time to get your pets to the Vet if need be.

You may also find a snake has entered into your home if there is access. They are searching for a dry and warm safe and to survive the waters.

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