Tree Protectors that really do work

The Melbourne council had to invest in these tree protectors which have been installed and maintained by a professional tree service.

The problem is possums, there are just way to many of them in the Alexander Gardens and as a consequence the plants have been getting damaged.

On the day I took this photo there were some international tourists nearby who were not sure why the bands were there, when I told them they laughed as they had no possums to worry about in their country and thought it cute!

So many people have large trees in their gardens this might be the ideal solution for some of those garden pest problems.

Tree Protectors in a local park

If you look closely you can see some whiteish marks on the side. This is where the possums had been jumping up trying to gain access to the trunk.

Obviously the guard is high enough to prevent them from getting up but it certainly hasn't stopped them from trying.

If you were going to do this at home it would be important to work out just how far off the ground to place it and also to work out how high it would actually have to be.

The other important aspect I can think of is making sure you attach it sympathetically. One of the dangers here is causing damage to the trunk.

With very careful planning you should be able to manage creating your own and consequently protect your valuable natural asset.

These can be known by several different names but the principle is the same, to protect the trunk and branches from extensive damage.

This particular design is fantastic as it can stay in place all year round and does not greatly detract from the beauty of the trunk as it is in grey.

These particular ones are made from from metal. The metal is slippery which prevents animals from being able to climb up.

I am not sure if plastic would be suitable and have only seen metal used.

I also think it does look much better when they try to match the colour to the trunk.

They are attached to the trunk in a way that does not damage the bark or tree. When you travel around the city you see quite a few of these.

It would be fun to make these for your own garden and you will reap the rewards.

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