Traditional snake repellent from nature

by DS

We live in a place surrounded by farming land so snakes are a normal part of our life.

Snake catchers are not always available
Although there are snake catchers in our area they are not always available, especially during odd hours. It's almost impossible to avail their service in case we come across a snake in our backyard.

People here use some of the commonly available ingredients in the kitchen as a natural snake repellent.

Recipe for a natural snake repellent
One such is a mix of freshly smashed garlic+rock salt. Just sprinkle it where you have your pets or around the house and that acts as a snake repellent.

This can also be used to make a snake lose consciousness. Just throw a handful of the mix right on the head of the snake and it will lose consciousness in minutes.

You can then act quickly to remove it.

But beware!

No one knows how long the snake will remain unconscious as it differs from snake to snake.

So be careful and work quickly.

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Oct 21, 2014
Traditional snake repellent from nature
by: Anonymous

there are no way to repel snake except sound and smoke

Nov 03, 2011
repelling snakes
by: Anonymous

Snake season has begun and Im so nervous as our gas bottles and water pump is a perfect place for them to nest, I usually make up a bucket of eucalyptus and domestos and drench these areas, do you think this could help.

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