Bird netting as a Snake Repellent = CRUEL

Some people use bird netting as a snake repellent.

Take a close look at this photo and you can see for yourself what happens when a snake tries to cross over this type of bird netting.

Bird netting is a natural snake repellent for garden snakes. They will normally get caught up and trapped making it near impossible for them to escape.

Their scales get damaged in this sort of netting and as they struggle to free themselves they end up making things even worse. The netting starts to encircle them tighter and tighter making it totally impossible for them to ever get free.

A cruel way to handle a snake problem.

It is a slow and painful death and NOT a humane natural snake repellant idea I endorse.

A sad and painful snake repellent idea

Take extreme care if you see a snake in this situation

When trapped in the netting they can strike out at anything that moves - you would too. They could strike your ankle, your child or your pet. BE CAREFUL.

To confound matters you may think the snake is dead but is, in fact, still alive and only moves when you touch it. This Tiger Snake is about 2 years old I think and has enough venom to kill a stupidly curious dog.

If you do come across a situation like this PLEASE be very cautious. (This snake was not on my property, the photo was emailed to me).

Rescue and/or relocate

Some people are keen to rescue or relocate snakes but if you see a venomous one caught like this I think there would be little or no hope of helping. You would need to be very confident in your snake handling skills as it would not be in the mood for small talk and could strike out at any time. I know I would phone an expert handler to take care of the situation.

This snake was caught the day the photo was taken and was dead by the next morning I am told. The people who found it didn’t move it in any way as it is a venomous snake but were upset seeing its struggle to free itself. There were no handlers in their area so they could do nothing.

Even if it could have been freed it is doubtful it could have been relocated as it was too tightly bound up in the netting and would probably have had internal injuries.

This way for more snake repellent ideas

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