Snake repellant works well if you reduce their food source around your house

Simple but very effective snake repellant idea

During late summer and early autumn we get a lot of fruit falling onto the ground from fruit trees which are very close to our house.

At night small animals come and feast on them. We are never really sure which pests they are, could be possums but could just as easily be rats, lizards or mice (remember, we do live in a rural area here - not the city).

But whatever is out there out night has a good chance of attracting a reptile as they are nocturnal too.

Snake Repellant idea

I HIGHLY encourage you to clean up any fallen fruit each day.

Don't wait until vermon have a chance to arrive and start to  make their home near yours.

These reptiles have an exceptionally strong sense of smell. They are coming for the mice that are eating your fruit.

  • You can help avoid problems by keeping your house and garden pest free

  • pick up all the fallen and rotten fruit

  • clear away old vegetables from your veggie patch

  • make sure lids on trash / rubbish cans are secure

  • some love water so only have necessary water around the house

Just these last few days the fruit has started to fall and I forgot to clear them away quickly. Sure enough, today our Boxer Dog found another one right up near the side of the house near the lounge window.

Keep your compost heap pest free

This sounds like a simple idea but for those of us who do make our own compost heaps it's not such an easy thing to keep mice and rats away.

My very first compost heap was my pride and joy as it all looked neat and tidy and I thrilled at each new addition.

One day I noticed lots of small diggings around the edges. It only took a few days and the small diggings had turned into tunnels and there were a lot of them.

The compost heap was being invaded overnight by vermin. I had to stop that as we were living in the suburbs and my neighbours would not have been too pleased as their shed was near by.

We solved the problem by encasing the entire mound in small cell wire. It worked really well. It was impossible for them to get thru and still allowed the compost heap full access to the air.

You will find if you, as much as possible, maintain a garden that is free from food for vermin you will reduce the chance of a snake popping by for a free feed as well. This is the best snake repellant idea I have.

This way for more ideas

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