Snake Facts

We had to get up to speed with snake facts very quickly on our new rural property. The occasional problem snake was the last thing on our minds when we moved here from the city eight years ago.

We have been blessed that none of us – human or animal – has been bitten, but it was not initially due to our diligence.

It's good to know a few snake facts in case you need them

Get the contact details for your local snake catcher

Make sure you know how to contact them quickly as you may need them in a hurry. When you move to a new area phone the local Council and get the contact names for the local Snake Catchers and place them on your fridge. Tell the whole family where it is and make sure the young ones know how to use the phone in an emergency.

Snakes in Australia are Protected Species

There is a $5000.00 find for killing or injuring a snake in Australia. They are a Protected Species. With effective management there is no need to harm one at all.

Be Prepared for Emergencies - FIRST AID

We have snake kits in each car as well as near the back door. This may seem extreme but remember the snakes around our place are capable of killing. We take no unnecessary chances and neither should you.

We are always on guard over the summer months, we NEVER take chances or risks with our own lives or that of our pets. You can live in the countryside and have garden snakes around so long as you become educated and make smart choices about your environment. Snakes are very much part of life in rural Australia as they are in many parts of the world, we just have to learn how to share with them. Once you learn more snake facts it will be safer for you and them.

They certainly make for an unusual garden pest and stories of our adventures with them keep our friends in the city enthralled - it may also explain why they prefer to visit us in the colder months.

This way for more snake facts

garden snake

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