Snail Crushing is quick and effective

I believe snail crushing would certainly be a really effective way to eliminate these pests.

From a gardeners perspective it takes very little effort and eventually the garden would have a greatly reduced snail and slug population.

But, I just can’t bring myself to do it. There is no way I would ever go out and crush them up, not in a million years – and then some.

My friend does use this method and tells me the ants and other smaller insects come along in the morning and take away the snail shells and crushed up bodies that are left behind.

She says the best idea is to go out after dark with a torch and just pick them up and start crushing.  Don’t hesitate.

In fact, she used to gather her five children up and they would all go out at night and search around her garden to get rid of the snails. They used to have family competitions to see who caught the most.  It sounds horrific to me.

All of her children are now fully grown and the snail hunts have become part of their family folk lore.

photo of a snail about to be crushed

I guess some people do this with their fingers, others may use their foot or some tool. Regardless of how you do this the result is the same. The snails are dead and you have saved your plants for one more night.

I can see it is a more environmentally friendly way to eliminate garden pests as even the smaller garden critters get a nice feed. It is certainly much safer than using harmful insecticides or chemicals.

CAUTION... Where I live we get dangerous garden snakes and they are also on the prowl at night.

Be VERY careful as you may have company of a kind you REALLY don't want. Keep a keen lookout if you take children with you if you also have snakes in your area.

Heaps of great ways to help solve snake problems here

garden snake

Snail crushing - no way! Need a coffee after that idea. Picture of snails

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