Slug and snail pests hate coffee grounds

Who would have thought slug and snail pests are fussy about the type of coffee they come across! In fact, they are really effected by espresso coffee, not your instant coffee.

Oh no, only the best coffee grounds combination for your little critters.

I wonder if you ever thought coffee grounds organic gardening tips would combine like this.

Amazing how useful so many things in our normal daily lives can be used to help prevent garden pests in a natural and sustainable way.

Slug and Snail Coffee Recipe

The ratio is 10 to 1.

You need 10 parts water to one part coffee.

Mix them together in a container which can be used to spray.

Give it a bit of a shake if it has been standing for too long to mix it all together again and spray it over the leaves and soil near the plants.

Cover a fair bit of the ground surface as you really want them to get a fair dose of the caffeine as that is what kills them.

If it rains too heavy you better spray some more on.

More uses for ground coffee

People are so into their coffee all around the world. Used ground coffee is everywhere these days, and is of fantastic benefit to gardeners.

  • You can use it to help get rid of pests as I explain above

  • Use ground coffee in your worm farm, they will love it

  • Put it in your compost, it will help work wonders

Have a talk to your local cafe and offer to take some of the 'waste' off their hands.

I guess tons are being thrown away daily and it seems such a shame when it can be put to such good use.

It is possible to buy organic coffee so it would be a good idea to try and source your supply from there.

You may find it helpful to join together with other gardeners in your area so you can all benefit from this idea. The cafes will have an ongoing supply and I doubt you would be able to use that much on your own. As a group you could work wonders with such rich offerings for your soil.

It seems to be a very sustainable way to garden doesn't it, more especially if the coffee is grown ethically.

Slug and snail and coffee! What next?

Picture of snails

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