Silk Ribbon Embroidery

This particular silk ribbon embroidery garden is very bright and vibrant. It has been inspired by the artist Monet and the paintings of his own garden.

I actually learned how to sew this by attending classes in my local town. This is the first attempt and it took me ages. The classes were two hours once a week for four weeks, so eight hours in total spent in classes.

We were given 'homework' so I spent a lot more time struggling at home. I had never attempted anything like this before and it wasn't easy for me as you can tell. My teacher who designed this could produce one in an afternoon but she used a lot more ribbons that I do.

I have made a few over the years and I actually love sewing them so long as I can take my time. I have a massive collection of ribbons and really enjoy spending time in my own little world creating new flowers and trying to work with creating shading and perspective.

Hand sewn Monets garden using silk ribbon embroidery

You can't see from the photo here but the water actually glistens as there are pieces of tinsel sewn into the background behind the water. I found these tinsel threads in a craft shop and immediately realized they could be really useful and add a certain glistening effect on certain angles.

The main colors are yellow, orange, lilac, blue and pink. It is alive with color. There are so many different ways for flower embroidery and I only have a couple of styles I used during this garden.

The trees in the background are all different and add to the interesting horizon.

There are pink waterlilies and green waterlily leaves of differing sizes. Various shades of green and pink have been used to help depict the sense of depth in the pond.

It does look fantastic in a frame but I would have loved to have it as the front centrepiece of a carry bag.

I actually had this on the site and someone asked to buy it for a friends wedding gift so I no longer have it. It now resides in America somewhere and I hope it brings a lot of pleasure.

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