Raised Garden Bed

What secrets lie behind the garden wall?

These raised garden beds were a real treat for me. I also do house sitting here in Australia and naturally I get the added benefit of sharing my time with some amazing gardens, but nothing prepared me for such a magnificent vista, I have never seen such a stunning vegetable garden.

As you look out over their back garden you can’t help but notice a massive high wall and a double door at the entrance. It certainly does tweak your curiosity. It is back dropped by the tall native bush trees that grow on their few acres. All you can hear is the native birds and the rustle of the breeze in the trees.

As you walk for the first time towards the garden you can't help but be curious about what you will see behind the door which has an aged and weathered look to it. 

I really didn’t know what to expect but was stunned to see this exotic walled garden. I have seen some when on holiday in England but never expected to see one here.

More photos of this Raised Garden Bed below

They have thought of everything when designing this garden, to me it seems flawless. It is quite large so there is enough room to grow great quantities of food all year round. The aisles are more than wide enough for easy access for the wheelbarrow and still have enough space for someone to walk by. There is no sense of stinginess here at all.

The raised beds are high enough so that you don’t have to bend over much at all, I have a few back issues and it was never a problem for me to lean over and tend the garden.

They have built a total of six separate gardens, five of which were packed with vegetables and you can see for yourself they are so healthy and abundant. The soil was especially healthy and that’s certainly reflected in the look of the plants.
The inside walls also have raised garden beds up all along three of the walls. These are planted with fruit trees and are being espaliered which gives such a tremendously abundant feel to the experience.

A truly stunning Walled Garden

A walled garden full of vegetables and fruit for all seasons

I know this garden really well as I cared for it for seven weeks during a cold wet winter and it was a true privilege as you can imagine.

I can’t remember how long it took them to build this garden but it wasn’t that long. Prior to them starting it was just lawn. To me this is a magical garden, one where fairies may well live and if they did they would be happy, healthy and fat as I have never seen so much food grown in such a smallish space.

This is a SHOW garden and one Helen and Eric should be very proud of.

more raised garden bed designs

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