Raised Garden Bed System

This raised garden bed system certainly has the children involved. It is so easy for them to care for as you can see.

One of the main things that can prevent children getting involved in gardening is they may get overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, it’s certainly possible for the tasks to appear too big for them to cope with. An ideal solution is to present this system of multiple gardens. Smaller chuck sizes can hopefully start to get them engaged in gardening.

One of the ideas could be to allocate a specific garden to each child and teach them how to care for it. This does give the opportunity for some of that much needed one-on-one time that kids do love to receive.

There is an abundance of vegetables being grown here and none of the beds are too large for a child to manage on their own.

I personally prefer to have higher beds as it means you don’t have to keep leaning over or squatting as the young girl is doing. As we all know that can become rather hard on the knees and I think just the addition of one more wooden plank on the sides would help alleviate any physical problems tending these vegetables.

Raised Garden Bed System on an Incline

I also notice the garden the young girl is tending doesn’t really rest on the ground all the way around. This could cause seepage when it comes time to water the garden and even cause some of the soil to escape downhill. Maybe they have a base but I doubt it. I would have made sure the soil was not ‘suspended’ as they have done.

Water wise gardening

It does appear to be a predominately dry climate and the soil looks rather compressed and this may mean it is devoid of many nutrients. The raised garden bed system they have chosen to use here will certainly help create a more nutrient rich soil for the plants as well as retain a lot more water. I know when I made my garden like this I eventually only watered once every few days as it retained so much water under the thick layer of mulch I had installed.

Chunking the chore into smaller plots is more likely to hold the childrens interest and help give them a sense of achievement as they tend to each one at a time. I can imagine they look out over the verandah a few times each day checking on their success, I know I would be.

I have a whole area on gardening ideas for children here.

more raised garden bed designs

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