Raised Garden Bed Plan

This particular raised garden bed plan was at a home I visited in Sydney.  The house is on a very steep incline and they needed a privacy screen between themselves and the next door neighbours. They could have used a normal fence but this is a much more ecological design.

That side of both houses is not frequented often by the owners so privacy isn’t that much of an issue so the open view effect is not a problem.

Helps control invasive plants

The height varies according to the incline and is home to a collection of bamboo plants which are lush and abundant as you can see.

The advantage of these raised garden bed frames for bamboo is that the roots can be enclosed within the barriers. As you may know bamboo roots are notorious travellers and can easily and quickly take over a garden.

It’s always better to have bamboo planted in containers of some kind. This particular design is perfect for bamboo or another other potentially invasive plant.

A raised garden bed plan can be very useful as a fence divider
These raised garden bed frames will hold invasive plants quite well
It a great idea when planning vegetable gardens you create spaces condusive to containing invasive plants

The wood used is very thick and would help hold moisture and stop the roots from drying out. These plants are in shade most of the day and that also assists in keeping them moist.

This design would also suit being on one or both sides of a set of outdoor stairs or ramp. It would create a sense of divisions within the garden and could be very effective and attractive.

I would be cautious planting vegetables using wood that is not certified as chemical free. The sides could be made of bricks, stones, logs, concrete or many other building materials that suit your garden.

I sometimes visit gardens where one of their pests is rabbits and having plants raised up like this would be a deterrent to them. They could still hop up but I feel plants would have a more reasonable chance of surviving especially if there are other ground level plants for rabbits to approach.

You could grow any type of plants though vegetables, flowers, creepers along the sides and bamboo.

It’s a very old and classic design and suited to many gardens and really can add a sense of contrast which is effective.

more raised garden bed designs

Leave this raised garden bed plan and view more exciting designs

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