Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

This is a really interesting raised bed vegetable garden.  There is a quite large area dedicated to growing food around the side of the smaller buildings at Montsalvat  Artists colony at Eltham in Victoria, Australia.

The sides are high enough to be functional and prevent a lot of bending plus they are incredibly solid. I personally prefer them to be higher as I have trouble bending for too long. I do like the flat edge around the perimeter though as that can be so handy to rest things on as well as sit on while you consider your next move.

The large area inside each garden means you would need to actually walk on the soil while you tended the plants closer into the centre. I always find this such a shame as continual pressure on the soil creates indents which result in pools of water as well as can cause a problem for young roots.

The most fascinating thing though is the covering over the top to protect the plants from wind and hail damage, sun and predators. This is a public garden and tucked away from preying eyes so I wonder if they experience a few ‘light fingers’ every now and then. It does look fantastic and the plants grow in abundanance.

You can see they have stakes in the corners and around the edges with varying heights and place netting over the tops.

You would need a rather large garden at home to have one this size but it's always nice to dream.

As well as enjoying this massive raised bed vegetable garden you also get to delight in Monsalvat

Monsalvat is Australia's oldest artist colony dating back to 1934. You can find it at Eltham, an outer suburb of Melbourne and it is well worth a visit, a truly magical experience and a rare and precious gem.

The community is self supporting and therefore takes no funds from any Government which is unusual these days, set on 12 acres you can see as far as the city.

There is a wonderful restaurant which is excellent for a meal or just a cup of coffee.

The gardens are exquisite as the buildings are set on the side of a gently sloping hill and as you turn one corner you find yet another unique building to feast your eyes on.

You are allowed into the buildings which is also such a blessing as most are built with rocks and rammed earth, it is much like being over in Europe wandering around the ancient buildings there.

It is a wonderful place to send a few hours, I do highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to go and feast your senses. Checkout the website here for Monsalvat.

If you have visitors and are looking for a special place to take them Monsalvat will be a treat.

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