Raised Bed Kits

What a visual delight these raised bed kits are. This gardener has really and truly made the most of every opportunity to please the eye.

The little picket gateway and arch over the entrance is entrancing, I just find the garden inside so inviting.

The archway has been used to grow climbing flowers but could just as easily been used to grow some grapes for the summer. We had grapes growing naturally over a trellis at one of our homes and it was a wonderful treat during late summer to go out and eat as many as we liked.

Gorgeous Raised Bed Kit

One of the advantages of growing table grapes is that the local insects get to enjoy the harvest as it’s often impossible to eat them all yourself. We had a situation where the local small birds would come along in late summer and pierce through the grape skin, this then lead the way for thousands and thousands of bees to arrive and start eating the rest of the grapes.

On a late summer afternoon it was staggering to hear the sound of so many happy bees munching their way through the harvest of unwanted grapes.

I placed a wire fence around my raised garden bed to keep the dogs out initially. The wire also served to hold quite a few plants of cucumber which I then threaded through.

I was quite amazed at how many cucumber grew there. I also thought the sheer weight of the massive cucumbers would cause them to drop off the vines but this was not the case.

  • I would not hesitate to recommend growing cucumber vertically as it certainly worked for me

  • Again we see the multiple patches with healthy plants and some flowers

  • This vegetable garden design allows enough space between the beds is enough for a lawn mover to go along

  • It would also be easy to park a wheel barrow there while working on the garden

  • The posts for the beans in the foreground are an indication of the gardeners confidence for an abundant crop

  • The surrounding lawn is easily mown and cared for with no harm to the plants

  • The size of the raised bed kits is perfect as you would not have to tread over the plants when tending the garden

  • The fence is actually small wooden slates which provides full cover for the sides. This is a great idea if you have dogs in the garden as they would not be able to get in unless the gate was open

Can you imagine fairies living in a garden like this one? I can.

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