A Raised Bed Garden to delight your senses

This raised bed garden is a feast for the eyes, I have never seen one so colourful before.  Some creative person has taken the term literally and the result is quite stunning. This is one of the most pinned photos on my whole site which is a real indication of it’s popularity around the world.

You can only wonder where the frame for this child's bed came from. Maybe it was the lady’s own child’s bed or perhaps she bought it second hand.

I guess there are many such children’s beds sitting in a shed, unwanted and unused and all it takes is some imagination and skill to achieve something as stunning as this.

Petunias are such a gorgeous flower and so versatile. They make a stunning show as you can see here and are beautiful as a border or in hanging baskets.

I do admire this gardeners courage in choosing such strong vibrant colours. It may have been tempting to have an assortment of colours but I do think that would have reduced the dramatic effect this has produced.

I’m sure it would have been a talking point in the neighbourhood while in full bloom like this.

This Raised Bed Garden is innovative

A raised bed garden to make you smile

What a brilliant idea though, it really brings her garden to life with such an abundance of bright and cheerful flowers starting to cascade over the sides.

It would have been nice to see another photo in a few weeks time once the flowers were totally covering the sides, it would look even more like a real bed then I imagine. I wonder if young children would be tempted to lie down for a nap on such a pretty bed.

Even though she is bending down it is still not as physically stressful as kneeling on the ground. The sides are actually a bit higher than you see in many a raised bed garden which will always make it easier to tend and care for.

She has basically just made the traditional wooden sides and attached the head and base. It would be very easy to do as the main work is in producing a strong and stable wooden frame.

This is certainly made with strong sides as you can see and will last for quite a long time. The frame can be left there permanentely and the top and base could be removed or replaced with some other creative addition.

When the petunias are finished you could always plant some vegetables or other seasonal flowers to brighten the garden up, or a mix of both. But that’s my personal bias coming through there as I am much more of a vegetable grower than flower grower. 

This gardener has shown admirable restraint by only planting one colour, I don’t think I could have been that focused.

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