Raised Bed Garden Plans

Welcome to my friend Jill's raised bed garden plans.

Jill is a qualified Permaculturist and has also got qualifications in Horticulture.

As you can see from the photos she is no ‘arm-chair’ vegetable grower, she loves nothing more than being out in the garden and getting dirty.

Every year she spends time preparing the garden for summer vegetables and each year they have more than enough naturally grown food to keep them eating healthily for months on end.

She lives on a sheep farm here in Australia and at the time of taking these photos the area had been in drought for over 10 years.

This old corrugated rain tank has been cut into three horizontal sections. Once cut they are just rested straight onto the existing soil.

The hole is then filled with old bricks, old sheeps wool, wood and anything else lying around the farm. Once the correct height was reached Jill then topped it up with compost and started planting.

The plants just love the environment as you can imagine. I have seen this garden many times and the plants thrive here.

Because of the drought the water stays in the tank much longer than it ever could on the ground, the soil is always moist.

The sides of the tank get the sun and the soil is warm and perfect for growing plants.

And here is proof this girl can grow food!!!!

The drought has broken now and the vegetables are certainly benefiting from the extra water, although they really did grow well during the drought in these raised garden beds.

There are wild rabbits around the farm but they never get into this garden so her plants are well protected.

We were privileged to be there for the years first summer harvest. All you see here was grown in these raised beds. It goes without saying it was delicious.

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