Raised Bed Garden Frames

The raised bed garden frames here seem to be in a public garden. They are obviously strong and sturdy and high enough to make tending the garden much easier.

You can see here how they have used the space so well. There is a dedicated herb garden in the foreground. It's important to know that you can also plant your herbs amongst the vegetables and below fruit trees.

Raised bed garden frames look fantastic

There are some fruit trees here as well. Remember to plant herbs underneath as the trees can benefit from that.

You can also see how they have used color by placing various types of lettuce in the same frame. That does look really nice and attracts your eye as well as adding more depth to the overall effect.

The tops of the frames are wide enough and strong enough to enable anyone to just sit there for a while and enjoy the view. You would need to search around to find a bit of space as the plants are so healthy they cascade over the edges in most frames, but there are small areas large enough for a rest.

The walkways seem to be a solid base which is such a good idea if many people are going to be walking around the space. It is also a massive benefit for anyone using a wheel chair as the lanes are very wide. I often see garden designs that don't allow for wheelchairs which is such a shame. Some have solid bases but the problem can be there is not enough room for people to walk by someone in a chair. This is certainly not a problem here as you can see.

Interestingly, they also have massive frames over the entire area and I wonder if this is an unused tennis court. This would help to protect the plants from any damage such as wind, hail, sunburn and preditors.

One of the very important things to consider is the type of wood you would use for these frames. Remember you will be eating the produce and would not want to get poisoned. Some wood is treated with arsenic here in Australia as a pest retardant for example. Please check with your supplier and ensure you are getting wood that is acceptable for growing food.

Not many of us have gardens this large but you can appreciate how easily you can introduce these raised bed garden frames into your own back yard.

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