Pumpkin stencils do make life easier

Pumpkin stencils are a good idea when it comes time to start carving your pumpkin for Halloween. Given you have grown your very own from a seed this is a very special occasion and can be shared by all the family.

Scary Halloween pics

Scary Halloween pics from around the world

Some people prefer to start cleaning outside to reduce the amount of mess in the house. It can become an annual family ritual to hand on to your grandchildren.

Just make sure you take all the equipment you will need outside so you can have a lovely time together. Who knows, maybe some ants will come along for a visit.

pumpkin boo

Others prefer the comfort of the kitchen bench. Why not take advantage of this time of year to get your children involved in all aspects of Halloween. It can become the gateway for many other ways to get them involved in helping and learning.

halloween images

These girls have a massive task ahead as they prepare to clean out their Jack O Lantern.

jack o lantern ready for carving

When you start carving make sure you have taken all safety precautions as one slip could result in you being hurt or cut. Make sure there is ample natural light and all the tools are in good working order.

Another Jack O Lantern in the making

Once you have the top off you need to scoop out the insides. Remember to save the seeds so you can plant again for the next season.

Another creation on the way.

two happy kids

Here you can see just how easy it is. Pumpkin stencils can be used or you can draw your own unique design straight onto the side. Take your time and if you make a mistake with the pen then just quickly wipe that off the sides.

When it comes to creating Jack O Lanterns for Halloween you are only limited by your imagination, there are thousands of varying styles I expect.

It is a time of celebration, children, family and fun. It is such an exotic theme and one that is finding its way all around the world these days.

halloween pictures

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