Plums, garden hose and spade...all totally ineffective against snakes

by Emz

I was hanging out the washing today when I spotted a large brown snake slithering under a pile of dead leaves very close to where I was standing. I live in rural Spain where snakes are quite common, but I have never encountered one before today.

As I have five cats, I was more concerned about the snake killing one of them than I was about it biting me.

I had flipflops and shorts on and the only thing I had to hand was a bowl of plums which were ripening in the sun so I threw the plums at the snake.

Each one hit it with a heavy thud but it didn't frighten the snake at all, in fact it just stayed where it was and didn't seem at all bothered that it was being bombarded with plums.

I thought that it was just sick and the reason it didn't move was that it was probably dying. I then got the garden hose and sprayed it with jets of water which had the total opposite effect to the plums, it woke the snake up in an instant and it started to look for the source of the water!

I have never seen anything move so fast, that's me and the snake both.

However, instead of slithering back under the fence as I had hoped it would, the water treatment really p----d the snake off and it started to slither towards me, rearing its head up and looking at me as if to say, "Now you are going to be really sorry!"

It then dissapeared into the geranium bush outside my front door. I got the garden spade and started chopping wildly at the geranium bush hoping to scare it away but I haven't seen it since.

I know it is still in there.

The cats have been staring at what is left of my geranium bush all have I. Aside from clearing the leaves and general compost from my garden to prevent snakes from entering again, what advice does anyone out there have for dealing with a snake once it is already in your garden, hiding in your geranium bush and just waiting to exact its revenge?

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