Planting Tomatoes

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA, US)

Planting tomatoes

I had some tomatoes that were starting to rot. I thought I will grow tomatoes using the seeds so I squeezed the most rotten ones into a seedling pot and wished that it will grow. After a few days, there sprouted baby tomatoe plants and when they were about 2 inches long, i transferred them to my garden in our backyard. I placed 3 baby tomatoes in every hole which complete 1 row of 12 holes.

Each week for a month, I did the same completing 1 row each time. When they grew bigger, each row has different sizes and maturity and the same when they started to bear fruit. So you see, I had a supply of fresh tomatoes for quite sometime because each row has different periods of ripening.

I guess, this should be done all the time if you want a continues harvest.

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