Planning a vegetable garden layout

by Tom

We don't have a large yard, so we decided to plant a vegetable garden next to our fence on three sides.

Summer plants

We have some strawberries on one side of the house, and raspberries on the other side.
The perennials are strawberries (everbearing and they spread by runners quite a bit, which is why we moved some to the side of the house), rhubarb (so we can make pie), and the raspberries.

Vegetable garden plans

The parsley also seems to stay year-round


pumpkins (for jackolanterns)

hot peppers






Vegetables we no longer grow
In past years, we have planted corn, but have gotten low yield so have stopped planting that.

We also have done potatoes in the past, but feel they are cheap enough not to bother with this year.

Carrots, but they haven't had enough success to make it worth the while.

We have tried to plant things where they are most likely to grow, experimenting a bit with sunnier and shadier spots.
Tall plants we keep away from sprinkler heads, as they would prevent other plants from getting adequate water.

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