Park Landscape Design with a Nautical Theme

Park landscape design that incorporates old dinghy sailing boats is popular along many coastal towns and villages. It is lovely to see so many of these being put to such a good use and is of magnificient visual benefit to local communities.

When I was on holiday in Corwall, England I noticed quite a few of these boat     gardens and they really do brighten up the place. Since then I have been taking photos every time I encounter a nautical themed garden. It is suprising to me how many there are, I hope you enjoy them. They are from English and Australian gardens.

This little dinghy was in a fishing village and I imagine was used for many years out on the water and instead of being left to rot it has become a much loved and appreciated outdoor planter.

We were in Cornwall in late spring and early summer and you can see here the flowers are still to grow to their full potential.

I find it interesting they chose to slightly angle the garden boat. I prefer that instead of them being flat as it gives a much prettier prespective when you are walking by. It had been freshly painted and was a much cared for addition to the village landscape design.

I was walking along a canal near Stoke on Trent and happened upon this gorgeous raised garden bed which was on the roof of a narrow barge. I was stunned as I had not seen one so close up before.

There were three people sitting on the grass right near the boat and I very very slowly walked by to get a better look at the garden. In the end I couldn't help myself and walked back and asked if they were the owners and would they mind if I took a photo for my website.

They were so friendly and we spent time chatting about our different lifestyles. They had sold up the house when their children left home, bought this narrow boat and were wandering the canals of England which had always been a dream of theirs. They were sitting out on the grass verge chatting with thier neighbour from the barge next to theirs.

They even invited me inside for a look and as you can imagine I was thrilled and was impressed when I got inside, it is delightfully designed, such a clever use of space. They have a wonderful life.

The garden had been there for a couple of years and they have some salad vegetables and flowers growing. For water they just lower a bucket into the canal and the pour that onto the garden.

They were such happy people, willing to share their stories and it is an experience I will never forget.

Mevaggisey is a small fishing village on the southern coast of Cornwall. I have visited this place about eight times so far and cannot imagine going to England and not spending a few hours wandering through the lanes and along the pier. It is just magical.

This particular caged garden was on the path leading to the two outer stone walls.  It is a high pedestrian traffic area as well as the occassional heavy duty vehicle. This cage is certainly going to protect the plants and creates a colourful addition to the walkway.

When you look at the top photo you can see the tide is out and all you can see is mud with a few puddles. I put the main photo of the harbour there for you to see it in all it's glory with the tide in. If ever you get a chance please spend some time in Mevagissey as it will certainly impress you.

This old small boat planter is being used for advertising which is an excellent idea. I expect the local real estate agent is responsible for the upkeep of the boat and garden.

This is placed near to a canal and helps create the nautical atmosphere as you can go on river cruises just a few metres away from here.

The bed planter is very colourful as you can see and as the summer months progress I am sure those flowers would be tumbling over the sides creating a wonderful display for the local community and visitors.

A simple but very impactful park landscape design.

Park landscape design

I saw this garden outside the local public facilities in the local park and it certainly added a sense of occassion.

The flowers here were more established and again there was an advertising banner placed near the bow. I think it's an excellent way for the community to get the advantage of such beauty without the local Council having to pay for it.

As I saw so many of these on my holiday I have seriously considered having a garden rowing boat for ourselves. I expect it would be relatively easy to obtain an old unwanted dinghy and give it a new lease of life with residential landscape design.

Polperro in Cornwall is a small fishing village that is one of the prettiest places on earth. These nautical planters are so eye catching and just help enhance the magical feel of the village.

They are upside down old lobster pots which have seen better days. Each pot has a couple of different shaded geraniums which are slightly tumbling down the sides. I know if they were mine I would make sure the leaves didn't intrude too far down as the pots are the real heros on this part of the street.

They are outside a small local cafe and you can see the building is enchanting. These pots look so natural in this location because opposite there is a small harbour with fishing vessels.  A clever, inexpensive and joyful landscape design.

Whenever I see a nautical garden I immediately grab my camera to share the photos here. When I saw this one I wondered for a while whether or not I should as it is old and broken.

But then I thought it really does deserve to be here. This little battler has been providing pleasure for countless years and to countless people. It is placed along the side of the road and now used for advertising. It still has work to do

It also manages to provide a happy and healthy home for the hardy 'weeds' and even manages to keep the Restaurant banner upright.

This particular one is on the front lawn of a private home.

You can see how cleverly they have changed the old outboard motor into their new post letter box. I didn't notice this at first as I was busy taking the photo but couldn't help but grin imagining how much fun they had coming up with the idea and then putting it into action. It is a job well done and looks great.

All of the other boat gardens I have seen have an array of flowers, this is the only one I have seen to have only one fern. It is magnificient, healthy and vibrant. The deep green really contrasts well with the white pebbles.

It is very close to a river and was probably used there for many years and is now retired onto the front garden for us all to enjoy.

This stunning tug boat is on the front garden of the Balmain Court House. Balmain was home to a bustling ship industry for many years and although those days are well gone this little garden boat serves as a reminder of times gone by.

I phoned the Court House to find out more about the history of this tug and was suprised to learn it was actually placed there by the official Australian Guerilla Gardeners in April 2009.

I saw all of these shows and throughly enjoyed them all and was disappointed when they didn't produce another series. It was about six people who went around beautifying public spaces at their own expense and using their substantial skills. They were all on Public land and this caused a few problems with local Councils as you can imagine, but there were an energetic and fast moving group who left a wonderful legacy, this is an example.

When I spoke to the man at the Court House he told me they are getting a few complaints these days because of the rust, it would be such a shame to see it taken away. Let's hope there is some money left in the public coffers for a makeover as it certainly does attract attention.

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