Making a raised garden bed

For many people making a raised garden bed can be an exciting time, full of great hopes for abundant harvests. All it takes is a bit of forethought and some time.

The costs can vary massively, if you buy a commercially built one the prices will be dependent on just how much work has gone into mass producing it. However, if you choose to make your own then you will be very pleasantly surprised at just how inexpensive it can actually be.

I have chosen this particular photo to showcase just how functional and sustainable you can make your own garden.

I recently had both hips replaced and naturally have taken much more interest in raised garden beds and this design suits me perfectly, now and into the future.

Making a Raised Garden Bed this high is perfect for those with mobility issues

Making a raised garden bed is easy to do and very rewarding
  • I am a serious vegetable grower and this design allows for very effective use  of water, space and nutrients needed. You can see they are all waist height which is excellent for long term work.

  • Each bed is only wide enough so the person can reach into the centre easily.

  • The water system is probably carried up the legs and into the soil that way, no water could ever be wasted this way.

  • The flooring is a hard surface and not one that I would ever use as I still like the idea of grass beneath my feet. Although you may find mowing and wiper sniping becomes tiresome after a while due to all the legs you need to move around. A small price to pay though in my opinion, the smell of fresh cut grass is one of life's joys.

  • To help eliminate problems with snails, slugs and ants you can just rest the legs on a platform which is surrounded by water and that will keep them away.

  • If flying insects were a massive problem you could also cover the plants with some light netting until they are strong and healthy and able to survive on their own.

  • The aisles are wide enough for people to wander around and work, carry and leave tools, use wheelbarrows and pass each other without congestion.

  • They are also wide enough for people in wheelchairs which is vitally important.

It’s interesting to note that when you are making a raised garden bed the  vast majority of plants only utilize the first few inches of  soil for their roots, you just don’t need to have soil any deeper than that. Most of the nutrients are closer to the top of the soil and that’s where you need the better quality soil, this is achieved effectively in this particular bed as you can see.

Check the growing depths for the plants you are going to grow and make sure you bed is deep enough for them to thrive.

If you are designing a new garden for yourself or someone else consider making one like this if the gardener is getting older as this will certainly help them stay outside producing harvests much longer than they could manage with a ground garden.

more raised garden bed designs

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