Carrot story

by John Jay
(memphis, tennessee, usa)

photo of carrots

photo of carrots

I have always been interested in keeping a small garden so when my child showed interest in plants and farming I was overjoyed.

The first opportunity I got, my child and I took a trip down to our local Home Depot to buy supplies to build our first vegetable garden. We got many different kinds of vegetables for us to plant but my son was particularly interested in carrots.

After my wife and I set up our little garden, the carrots were the first thing he wanted to plant. All in all we had a very fun time gardening as a family and the time it took from planting the seeds to harvesting the carrots taught my son a lot of about patience.

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One Lonely Squash

by Mary
(Gratis, Ohio, USA)

Our garden was 25 feet long and full of promise. We tilled and planted in the spring.

Our four-year-old son dropped tiny seeds in the trenches, sometimes missing, sometimes spilling bunches, but we didn't mind. He was so excited.

He watched for the beans, peas, corn, squash, watermelon, cucumber, and pumpkin to rise from the ground. And then, disaster. Four days after planting the garden it rained for 24 hours. The yard was flooded.

Inexperienced gardeners, we decided not to replant, to just wait and see. We waited and waited .... and waited. In the end we grew three corn stalks with no corn, and nothing else. Or so it seemed!

One day, under the weeds in the corner of the garden, we saw a flower. It was the bloom of a squash plant that had washed to the corner of the garden! My son, who being only 4 had forgotten the plantless garden, was entralled with the yellow and white bloom. He visited it every day and we watched the tiny little yellow squash get bigger and bigger!

When it looked ready, we went out with the knife, my son held the vine, and I cut the squash. Oh, how proud he was to carry that squash into the house! He wanted to save it instead of eat it! So after a couple days of gawking, touching, and rolling, I cut it up and we cooked it and ate it with spaghetti.

My son put the first bite into his mouth, made a face, and was barely able to swallow it. He did not like the taste! "Mama," he said, "can we grow it again next year so I can watch it again?" "Of course!" I said. Planting and watching were very exciting for him, and we are anxious to try again!

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