Invasion of the garden snake

by Kendall

I have a rather large garden in my backyard with a large array of veggies.

I went out to pick lima beans from my bushes and to my surprise there was a snake under almost every bush...10 snakes is a bit ridiculous as far as I am concerned so now I am trying to find a way to get rid of them.

I refuse to get rid of my lima bean bushes or my cucumbers and they seem to be making their homes there.

What can I do to prevent them and get them out of my garden before myself or my dog gets bit? I would love ideas if anybody has some.

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Nov 30, 2011
Snakes in the Lima bush
by: ChrisBarnes

Hello Kendal

Being from South Africa I can't emmediately ID your snakes in the veggy bushes, would you please describe them for me or send me a Photo of the little fellows.

Being on the Atlantic side of the US of A the climate is somewhat cooler than the Pacific side, and leads me to thinking the snakes you are seing are more than likely of a harmless variety, they would be happy using the bean bishes and the cucumber bush, which I presume are watered with regularity and this activity would promote the occurence of frogs lizards and perhaps gecos, which are a natural food supply for the snakes in question, so rather than harm them see if you cannot identify the species, I have a feeling they would be harmless, they maybe a water snake or some sort of common colubrid snake, and they would do more good in the garden than harm.

Try living in harmony with nature and your life will become so much more thrilling and of great interest to you and all whom you come in cantact with, it's not the animal that is a problem but our fear of the unknown in that animal,our work on earth is not done till we can learn to overcome our fears and realize the love that abouds in creation, so give it a go my friend and start enjoying the gifts so freely given us to make our stay on earth more interesting.

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