How to Keep Snakes Out of the Garden

by Lora
(Pa., USA)

One way to keep snakes out of your garden is to invite them in.

One day, I was sitting at my desk writing (or maybe goofing off online) when I noticed that one of my children had wrapped a long, black belt around my lampshade. You know, the sort of belt from a bathrobe.

I was about to remove the belt and yell at the kids when the belt moved.

It took a second or two for me to realize that it was NO belt, but a black snake... a five foot long, black snake, I might add.

Unfortunately, I could not call my husband home from work to capture our house guest, but I thought about it. Any way, I couldn't just wait for my husband to come home either. If I did, the snake might make his way into the bedroom so that I could find him later on that night beneath my covers!

The kids, dog, and I had a blast... screaming, screeching, and barking at this five foot snake that was hissing and striking at us as it slivered throughout the living room.

Teamwork. That's what we needed. First, we kicked the dog outside. Then, we got a broom. Next, we dumped the toys out of a large container. Game on.

The snake attacked the broom with vigor in order to intimidate us. Which, of course, it did. LOL

Somehow, after a bit of this and that, we got the container over the snake (who attacked all four sides of the container - trying to get at us.

Since I didn't have an anvil handy, I put at least twenty heavy objects on top of the container (which happened to be clear - which came in handy for making sure our friend was still in there!).

The snake remained in the container until my husband came home that evening, thus, keeping the snake out of the garden for an entire day. But... I bet there is an easier, less creepy way.

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