Guinea Pig Pictures

I took these guinea pig pictures of toffee and caramel while we were pet sitting for the owners when they went away on holidays.

This is just after breakfast and they have eaten all of the spinach and green beans and only have the corn left. It is astonishing just how fast they can eat when they really like the food and spinach a favourite that's for sure.

During the warmer days I took them outside onto the lawn for a while. They were really cute as they made little squeaky sounds and did quick little hops when they first went onto the grass.

I left them there for about three hours and they really did eat a lot of the grass. I placed a towel over the top as that made them feel safer I think as they seemed a bit scared and exposed without it.

I took them out daily and had a cuddle with each one. I didn't let them loose around the house as I wasn't sure how easy it would be to get them back. I fed them twice a day and gave them different home made toys a couple of times a week to give them something new to play with.

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