Growing vegetables to share with family and friends

by Mick

Growing vegetables might look easy but this gardener really does provide a few laughs along the way.

Beware - your garden might grow!!!

If you are a “gardener to be” I think my experience might be helpful for it is a proven fact the best laid plans of man, and the worst of beast, can prove to be disastrous. For I learned if you plant a vegetable garden it will grow.

Things To Do List

Of course you have to prepare your soil
add nutrients and mulch
you have to plant your garden
shop for seeds and seedlings

you must layout your garden for cucumbers climb, and carrots dig in, and tomatoes rot and “cumber”

Water - friend and foe

You must water your garden, not too much, and just enough
You can save rain water

You can be dismayed that the “plot’ you set aside for your squash washed away as the thunder shouted and the lightning drove you under the covers.

The most important thing you must “plan” for is the fact that GARDENS GROW

What are you going to do with your harvest?
Are you going can or freeze the bounty?
Did your family lose those skills?
Plan a trip to the Library or bookstore?

Have you planned for the time it will take to store the foods you grow to feed your family this fall and winter to come?
Have you budgeted for the costs of canning supplies, or that wonderful machine that can see your vegetables frozen so fresh your family will think you had a coupon for Birdseye?

Share your abundance with family, neighbors and friends

My advice is reacquaint yourself as a neighbor; to get to know your neighbors, or reach out to a family troubled by these times of jobs disappearing.

Do not donate your surplus bounty to a food bank but instead join with those you need, and want to share with.

One thing a cell phone can do is let you talk all day, but have you taken a moment to plan to actually talk with another, a stranger, friend, neighbor or acquaintance in person.

Plan for the joy of sharing

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