by Bernadette Graham
(Haga Haga - Eastern Cape)

I live in Haga Haga in the Eastern Cape about 60 km South of East London and have chosen to see my snails

as a bounty from nature. Living in this sea-side village
with it's coastal soils, introduced me to a whole new
way of dealing with weeds and snails - I turn them into
delicious fare. Since I have a totally organic garden and
practise permaculture, I don't have to worry about toxins
or poisons and enjoy the free foods that my garden gives
me in abundance. My garden has snails aplenty, but not just our ordinary little garden snails. We have the giant
land snails with their beautiful brown, black and white
shells. They remain buried in the soils waiting for the
first good rains in October to February. I collect them
at night as they forage on the lawns, purge them using
mealie meel or oats and then cook and enjoy them with
plenty of garlic and butter-delicious!!! The ordinary
garden snails are just as tasty and when combined with
pursulane, also known here, as pig weed, they are delicious. Pursulane, steamed with garlic, onion,pepper,
salt ( self harvested from our rocks ) with a dash of
olive oil is such a treat. Chick weed is another "weed"
that is always on my menu and is available throughout the year. Combined in a salad with olives and fetta, is delicious. I also use it as a garnish on sandwiches.
I would be very interested to know what other gardeners
think of my method of snail control.
can't wait to hear.
Bernadette Graham
Haga Haga

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