Getting rid of snakes from under the house

Why do snakes always seem to hide in creepy places?

Getting rid of snakes is one of the first things we had to learn when we moved from the city to the country.

We had 2 dogs and a cat and were so worried about a snake attack we were on the phone to the local snake catcher within seconds of seeing one near the back door.

As soon as we realised there was a snake it quickly went straight under the house.

It can be a real jolt to see a venemous snake but even more so when they disappear under your house!!!

The phone call to the snake catcher was frantic to say the least as I was really worried once it was out of sight.

He could tell we were ignorant regarding snake facts and started helping us over the phone while he was driving to the house.

He asked for one of us to stand on the other side of the house to see if it came out from there. If it did he wanted us to track it from a distance (he didn't have to mention that twice).

We didn't see it come out so he went under there when he arrived. He said 'I'll go in head first so if I get bitten you can pull me out by my legs'. We just looked at each other in horror at the thought. He didn't find it there but did say there were a couple of 'mouse size holes' and suspected it lived there!!!!!

The snake held us captive for about 3 weeks and then one day we were able to get the snake catcher there in time to take it away for relocation several kilometers away.

Our summers get really hot and it is actually very common to see the occasional snake go under the house for cool shade. I can tell you we NEVER go under the house in the summer, and I mean NEVER

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snakes pics

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