Getting children to eat vegetables

by Jillian

I am interested in your ebook. Can you please tell me if it is appropriate for my situation? I have never had a garden before, don't really have a green thumb, and I am mainly doing this so my preschooler can get into gardening...and eating vegetables! I live in north Georgia. Thanks!

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Mar 18, 2009
Helping children learn more about the food they eat
by: Robyn

Hi Jillian,
Thanks for your email. I live in Australia so am not that familiar with
your climate in Georgia. The vegetables I choose to grow are on this page so
maybe that will help you. I must say the principles apply regardless of
what you decide to plant so the book would be good.

If you go ahead with it for your child here are a few more ideas on how to
help children have a better understanding of food etc
1. ask them what they like to eat and grow that
2. find out the history of the plants on the internet and discuss that
3. A lot of plants come from other countries and that is the geography
lesson - learn about it yourself and teach that
4. Maybe work out which butterflies etc could be attracted to some of the
plants and make sure you have planted some of those if they like butterflies
5. When it's getting time to harvest make a really big deal out of it
6. Get them involved in helping to choose some recipes, the cooking etc
7. Invite people they would feel proud in front of and all sit to eat the
meal together

Each stage of this is an event to celebrate if you know what I mean. I hope
this all helps. If you go ahead please get back in touch and send some
photos of the garden as I am going to get a special page for each person
who sends in some photos.

Kind regards

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