Ways to Get Rid of Snakes

If you want to get rid of snakes it's a good idea to learn what they eat.

* Frogs

* Mice

* Rats

* Rabbits

All of these love to live in, around and under these types of rubbish piles

To get rid of snakes you need to get rid of old branches like these

When we bought our current place the previous owners had taken a whole lot of garden prunings and branches and just thrown them over the fence into the adjoining paddock.

It was mid summer and we had to wait until mid winter before it was safe enough to remove it.

This sort of rubbish is a magnet for spiders and snakes

This sort of household rubbish piled up like this is going to attract all sorts of different types of insects and animals because they are protected under the rubbish. It is dry, warm and reasonably sheltered.

Take care if you have to remove a pile like this in the summer as you might get quite a shock to see what else is there. We would never touch a pile like this until the mid winter.

Follow the trail to find more way to get rid of snakes

garden snake

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