Weird and wonderful ways to naturally control garden snails and slugs

Excellent ideas on how to control an over population of garden snails. Important information to have as you really don't want to spend your time and money preparing a garden only to wake up and find it all eaten.

In the case of my Raised Garden Bed - No Dig Garden I knew I would have a problem with these little critters. There were small shrubs nearby and it had also been raining, I had seen the tell tale signs of snail trails heading for the new garden. Combine that with a few dozen seedlings and it was the chance for a feast.

There was no way I wanted to use any commercially prepared bait as I had the pets and local birds etc to consider.

The natural organic gardening techniques you see here have been around for many years.


Learn more about THEIR LIFE CYCLE here

An amusing story called The Great Snail Hunt

An inspiring life lesson from these little critters

Still have a problem? Ever considered getting a duck?


** Have you ever tried one of these snail pest control ideas? If so, what did you think?

** Do you have any new ways of controlling these garden pests we can add to the collection?

** Have you got any photos you want to share with the rest of us showing snails or damage they have done?

Send along your comments and they will appear here on the site - share with other gardeners and your friends.

Over time several people have asked how to buy snails and several have offered them for sale. I personally do not buy or sell snails. I do allow the requests and offers here because it offers a way for people to make contact with each other.

Please take care if you contact anyone from here, I do not know them and cannot and do not endorse any advertiser here, I do not receive any payment or benefit from advertisers either.

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Spa treatments become stranger and more unusual every day. One of the new trends in cosmetology is a facial massage using snails. The first people who …

Helix pomatia snails for SALE 
Hello, I have a live Helix pomatia snails for sale. Price $ 4.50 for one snail. If you buy 10 or more - price would be $ 4 for each one. We proudly …

Buy Helix Pomatia-(GRIS-GRIS) ,Helix Aspersa and Others 
Buy Live Helix Pomatia, Helix Müller, Helix Lucorum,Giant African Snails(GALS) and other edible garden snails for breeding and food.

africa giant snails for sale We are pleased to announce a new breed of snail in stock - the marginata degneri juvenile snail. These are a smaller member …

Giant African Land Snails available 
Contact for supply ability and any other details you might need.

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Getting rid of snails will help your plants thrive 
Garlic spray gets rid of snails at my place. I made up some garlic juice spray (1gl water, 6 tsp. garlic juice) in my sprayer. I have noticed an …

Buying live snails 
Hello! I have a pet garden snail. And I'm looking for a place to buy a few more for him. Does anyone know where I can buy a few little common brown …

Buy Live Snails Helix Pomatia, Helix Lucorum, Helix Aspersa 
Buy Live Snails Helix Pomatia, Helix Lucorum, Helix Aspersa The Roman snail- Helix Pomatia Linne The Turkish snail- Helix Lucorum Linne The …

Buy Live Snails Helix Pomatia, Helix Lucorum, Helix Aspersa 
Buy Live Snails Helix Pomatia, Helix Lucorum, Helix Aspersa The Roman snail- Helix Pomatia Linne The Turkish snail- Helix Lucorum Linne The …

Some most unpopular specie of the Achatina snails are now available for sale 
Some of the available specie we have now are as follows: Achatina alisa Achatina balteata Achatina banderiana Achatina craveni Achatina achatine …

Buy Helix Snails,GALS and other Species Here 
Contact for supplier procedures at

GALS, Helix Pomatia, Helix aspersa Müller, Helix aspersa maxima, Achatina Achatina, Achatina immaculta are Available Not rated yet
We supply the following snails species: - Helix aspersa Maxima, - Helix aspers aspersa Müller, - Helix Pomatia. -Giant Achatina Achatina. -GALs …

I'm looking for live garden snails for pets. If you find any in your garden, or you're just selling them, email me at so …

Giant African land snails for sale. I have some about a year old  Not rated yet
Giant African land snails for sale. I have some about a year old size of a piece some that are about 2 1/2 years old. Ones you see in the photos. All …

How to stop snails from crawling up on my car engine  Not rated yet
I opened my car hood to fill washers. But found under the hood about30 snails and shells HElP!!!

GOURMET SNAILS Not rated yet
I live in Haga Haga in the Eastern Cape about 60 km South of East London and have chosen to see my snails as a bounty from nature. Living in this sea-side …

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