Garden Pests Hate Salt

This just has to be one of the easiest ways to manage garden pests such as snails and slugs. It’s inexpensive and just so easy to do and is also effective.

Salt is something you more than likely have in your kitchen cupboards and is a wonderful snail bait solution.

I just use a cheap domestic salt that comes from the supermarket. I buy the large container that has the pour outlet. I keep it inside the house so I can quickly run outside to help save new plants. I know there have been times when I have quickly ran outside with the salt because it was so handy instead of fossicking around the shed looking for it. My shed isn't always the tidiest of places.

Snails and slugs will NOT walk over salt - they hate the stuff.

A sprinkle of salt can help reduce your garden pests such as slugs and snails

When I plant new seedlings and I know they are going to be attacked by slugs and snails I ALWAYS place salt on the paths that lead to the new bed.

I sprinkle the salt just on dark as they are more active overnight. This is a fantastic ecological solution and really fits in line with organic gardening advice no matter where you live.

I pour a decent amount of salt as you can see in the photo. I want to make sure they just can’t cross over and I suspect they probably could if the salt path was too narrow.

It's very important not to place the salt near your plants though as it will also cause them harm. I always try to place the salt on a path near my plants as you can see below.

A classic looking snail salt trap

This is how I place the salt over the path at my home. It is thick and wide.

I am very generous with the amount of salt I use as I know it works well and I really want to protect the plants.

Ideas for when it’s windy or wet weather with these garden pests

The salt will blow away quite a lot in a strong wind I found, in that case I just keep topping up the salt.

Naturally this snail and slug trap won't work at all during wet weather. I use the beer trap on those occasions as another home pest control idea.

I never use commercially prepared snail bait as I am too concerned about pets, birds etc.

I find this such an easy home pest control idea as I always have some salt in the house.

This way for more ideas on how to reduce garden pests

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