Free giant schnauzer information for garden snakes

I just adore this breed of dog and offer here free giant schnauzer information regarding garden snakes. We have encountered the occasional garden snake at our new property and the survival of our giant schnauzer and boxer dog is of paramount importance - as you can well imagine.

He is a giant schnauzer European and as such is tall, intelligent, well built, strong willed and outright gorgeous. Finding a good breeder for giant schnauzer is such an important task as they are dogs that require careful breeding so as to retain all of their magnificent qualities.

Free Giant Schnauzer Information offered by Mickey

I first saw a giant schnauzer many years before I was able to get one of my own, they were not that easy to find here in Australia. He has been with us from 9 weeks of age and has enjoyed really good health during that time.

He turned 12 in November 2005 and started showing signs of discomfort, x-rays have shown he has calcification of the vertebrae along the lower end of his spine. At first he was on pain tablets but these were not really that helpful as they made him stumble a lot we felt. Eventually we got onto Vets All Natural Joint Formula from our local Vet here in Australia. He has that twice a day and it has worked wonders. He is off the pain tablets and much better for it, the time may come when we have to use them again but he has been off them for the past 18 months

He has Ezra as his best friend, Rusty the cat, Auto and Dotty the Jack Russells next door, the other side is Penny the heeler and Horse the horse (of course). Life here is good for him, he loves the space to wander around, even though it is more isolated and quieter than our old suburban place he finds much to entertain himself with and life is good for him.

Just an update on his condition now he has turned 13 and a half. He has just started taking some anti-inflamatories for discomfort along the lower back. At this stage he is still quite comfortable which is lovely. I offer this free giant schnauzer information here because there are not that many owners of this breed and it is always nice to hear how one of this special breed is getting along in old age. November 2009. Mickey passed away just after his 15th birthday - a nice peaceful time for him with family and having just eating two chickens and warm milk - he didn't even notice the Vet arrive.

It astonished me and truly gave me a scare to learn our Giant Schnauzer is unable to smell a garden snake. Our Vet advises this is because he is too old!!!

He walked right by one sunning itself (within 2 feet), luckily the snake had just arrived in the sun and was too sluggish to strike. Dog snake bite is a scarey thing to be involved in and I hope he is able to stay clear of them given he is unable to smell them.

However, he is intelligent enough to know they are VERY dangerous. Our giant schnauzer’s behaviour when he met his first snake indicates he certainly knew to keep away which makes us believe he is only aware of them by sight, movement and sound, certainly not smell it seems.

The snake strategy employed by our boxer dog is very different though.

You can see here how we reacted when the dogs came across their first garden snake, we were just not educated or prepared to deal with it at the time – we certainly are now though.

It is our hope our free giant schnauzer information regarding dog snake bite is of assistance to you.

I highly encourage you to take the time to see the information offered here. We had no idea how to go about creating a snake free garden at the time and what we offer here is truly worth looking at.

Feel free to use this photo and wallpaper schnauzer to your desktop. This was taken when he was 11 years old, sitting on ‘his’ bridge in the garden.

We hope our free giant schnauzer information about snakes can help you save your own pet.

This way for more snake repellent ideas

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