Different types of snakes do not all have the same behaviour

Amazing how different types of snakes vary in their behavior. They are fast, they are slow, deaf, have great hearing, blind, have precision eyesight, fast, so slow you could out walk them etc etc

We have heard it all, every possible combination.


There is no 'one size fits all' as we know with people, and animals also have various quirks to their way of living in the world - I believe snakes are the same.

  • They love water

  • Thumping on the ground when you walk will make them walk away

  • They chase people

  • They love to drink milk and are attracted to it
  • They hate water

  • They don't hear or feel you thumping on the ground

  • They are too slow to chase people

  • They don't like or drink milk
  • They play dead when you walk by them

  • They are aggresive

  • They are territorial
  • They don't play dead at all, they strike

  • They are shy

  • They have no home base

You may feel you 'know' the behavior of a particular snake type but be prepared for the unexpected.

This way for different types of snakes

garden snake

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