Children helping in the garden is to be encouraged

Children helping in the garden is one of the greatest gifts I believe you can give any child.

There is nothing more joyous than seeing young ones learning how to plant seeds and then wait for them to grow.

In this world of instant results it can be very difficult for a child to wait days and sometimes weeks for that small green shoot to appear from beneath the soil. I have even known children to name each plant as it finally appears.

It's one children's activity you can do one on one or with many other people.

Family Fun with Children Helping

For a keen gardener there is nothing more precious than children helping to plant, carry, water and ask those endless questions - all beginning with 'why'.

It's a wonderful time to teach them so much.

It can be hard to try and work out just what children activities to try and engage them in, more especially in these days of digital entertainment.

I can say gardening with an attentive and patient gardener is a favored children activity. They have minds that are capable of absorbing so much information and teaching them how to grow plants is an ideal way to incorporate many facets of education.


There are millions of spinach leaves being eaten each year by guinea pigs - imagine if you could learn how to learn how to grow spinach for your guinea pigs.

You can see here how to plant and care for your spinach plus

see pictures of guinea pigs here.


I thought one way to try and entice young ones to eat vegetables was to start by introducing them to grow their own Halloween pumpkin. This is a vegetable they are more than familiar with, in some cases it is probably the only vegetable they have seen cut open to expose the flesh and seeds.

Let’s be honest carving up the Halloween pumpkin is one of the most treasured children's activities, imagine their sheer delight when they can carve a pumpkin they grew themselves. There are just so many ways to carve a pumpkin for this special occasion and there are plenty of ideas here.

You can see how pumpkins grow here

It’s my hope this will encourage some adults to think more carefully about how they educate their children about how food is grown. The more children understand this the more they will be able to have physically healthier lives and all that flows from that.

My hope is it will be fun for all the family.

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