I am privileged to know Miles Stair, from the US and his wife Bette.

Miles has won awards for his hives, set world records, taught thousands in the art, written articles, spoken at seminars, previous advisor and mentor to newcomers and more especially they have written the definitive book called The Honey Factory.

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I find the depth of information contained staggering, this book would be beneficial for anyone starting out, right through to the more experienced.

It contains diagrams, drawings, photos, personal stories, hints, ideas, thoughts, an annual diary, storage ideas and much much more. You really do need to read the list of chapters to get more of an idea on what they are offering here in this book - over 160 pages!!!

Perhaps you are keen on constructing your own hive , have a look here and find a free diagram on how to make a hive stand.

Learn how Miles' keeps his hives dry during the damp, wet winter months. The March photo below shows the hives on the covered hive stand I built to keep the hives dry in our rainy Pacific Maritime climate.

And something for all the gardeners out there. Not sure which chemicals to avoid? Have a look here at this FREE list of products NOT to use. Make sure you are using products that keep them pollinating.

Getting stung is one topic that always arises. Find out what Miles and Bette recommend.

Have a look here to see what damage local black bears can do to hives .

This book is written as a direct result of their own experience. You can be guaranteed that everything in this book has been tried, tested and where possible improved upon.

This represents decades of their life spent with these astonishing insects.

I am sure that everyone will learn much from the vast and extensive knowledge Miles and Bette have shared here in The Honey Factory.


These two hives of mine produced a combined 645 pounds of honey in 1995. This is a World Record for two hives sitting side by side, it was reported in the June, 1996 "American Bee Journal".

Have a look at the pages here on the site to confirm for yourself the depth Miles' knowledge. His ebook is a rare opportunity to learn more from a true expert and

G. Miles Stair with Bette Stair
A step by step guide to raising honeybees for maximum production.
Also includes How to treat for bee mites.

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