An Easy Way to get Rid of That Garden Snake

by S Chaubal

snake behind on those shrubs

snake behind on those shrubs

The best way to get rid of a garden snake I felt was cleaning those bushes as they are the best places snakes prefer tohide.

Don’t allow the bushes and the shrubs to grow dense and thick.

A couple of months back I saw a snake right in those bushes, as I was about to pick some flowers. I am really not sure whether it was poisonous or not, I mean I didn’t really care about it anyway. What really mattered was it was a snake and that it itself is a pretty scary sight.

I allowed it to take its own time to go and as soon as it left I chopped away those bushes and cleared the whole area. Now I regularly monitor it and never allow them to grow beyond a certain length. This way I ensure there is no hiding place for snakes in my garden.

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